About the Author

Brent A Harris is a two-time Sidewise Award nominated author of alternate history. He also writes science fiction, horror, and fantasy.

He is the author of the Sidewise Award nominated novel, A Time of Need, an alternate history of the American Revolution, which sees a world where George Washington fights alongside the British against American forces marshaled under a power-hungry Benedict Arnold.

Brent is currently seeking representation for his next book, A Twist in Time, a steampunk take on classic Dickens characters.

While he considers the desert of Southern California his home, he currently lives abroad in Naples, Italy. He is a graduate of National University’s MFA program in creative writing where he attended as a full-tuition NU Scholar and graduated with honors.

When not writing, he focuses on his family as a stay-at-home dad, playing board games, and traveling.

Brent A. Harris, Alan Smale, Gregory Benford, Bryce Zabel (Winner), Harry Turtledove (Winner) Sidewise Awards, WorldCon 18

Pictured: Brent A. Harris, Alan Smale, Gregory Benford, Bryce Zabel, and Harry Turtledove at the 2018 WorldCon Sidewise Award Panel.