Books & Short Stories

Here is a list of my published and upcoming works.


  • A Time of Need, Insomnia Publishing. Available as:
  • The Ellian Convergence  TBA 2018-19

Short Stories

Stories: Bear Trap (fantasy) & Server of Souls (Horror).

proposal cover vol3ver2
Story: The Ellian Convergence (Science Fiction)

proposal cover vol4ver2
Story: Twilight of the Mesozoic Moon, co-authored with Ricardo Victoria (Alternate History)

proposal cover vol5ver12
Story: A Twist in Time (Science Fantasy)

Story: Forgotten (Fantasy/ Alternate History)

cover quatumsoul
Story: Trees of Trappist (Science Fiction)
Story: A Fine Day to Fly A Ship (Adventure/Steampunk Pirates)



Story: The Intruder(Flash/ Horror)


Alternate Earths 2 Cover
Tales From Alternate Earths 2


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